29th of March 2023 in Cieszyn the intrenational conference will be organized on “CULTURE AND NATURE” Local Communities for Heritage: Good Practices in Central Europe. 

The Conference is devoted to inspiring initiatives of local community leaders acting in the field of cultural and natural heritage of their small homelands. We will discuss heritage as a unique value for local communities that connects generations and crosses the borders. We will present good practices from Central Europe, Poland and the cross-border Polish-Czech region of the Cieszyn/Těšín Silesia. We will talk about innovative ways to interpret and preserve the heritage and the development of ecotourism. We will also pay attention to the role of women – leaders in using heritage for local development, improving the quality of life and sensitizing to the beauty inherent in culture, nature and landscape. Everything will take place in the form of lectures, interviews and debates with interesting, inspiring people – creators of unique ideas and projects. The effect of the conference will be the signing of the Central European Declaration on the role of community sustainable tourism in the protection and preservation of heritage.


”Reclaim our Civil Space!” builds on broadening the grassroots basis and constituency of civil society through training and mobilising activist groups and movements, facilitating cross-border cooperation and networking, and linking this to the European level by developing together the outlines of a comprehensive European civil society policy. 

The project “Reclaim our Civil Space!” is implemented with 9 partners in 7 Central European countries and benefits from a 1,8 million € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.