We have experiences in environmental and climate education and we work with all age groups, from the youngest to seniors. Fund have completed numerous eco-education projects, active citizenship trainings, seminars, expert conferences and workshops for NGOs, municipalities and schools (on local, national and international level).

Since 2021 it also implements Partnership Academy – a training program for NGO leaders and activities. PF has is experienced in developing educational materials, including publications and films – transferring knowledge and experience in various forms related to both young people and adult education (see our library).

When implementing educational programs, we create and use various forms and tools of education, e.g. workshops, conferences, experiments, publications, films, study visits, original workshop materials, manual classes in art-recycling, kamishibai theaters for children, photography and art competitions, etc., board and field games, audio eco fairy tales, etc.

Objectives of ecological education addressed to different age groups:
  • promoting pro-ecological attitudes,
    disseminating knowledge about threats and human impact on the natural environment,
  • supporting a creative approach to ecology and teaching good environmental habits and attitudes among all generations,
  • stimulating ecological sensitivity and raising ecological awareness,
  • promoting specific examples of the application of protective and pro-ecological activities in everyday life,
  • building local identity and strengthening social bonds among local communities through joint activities for the environment.