We implement projects whose aim is to show in practice what the idea included in the ecocity or ecovillage is. In a green city, we shall focus on environmental protection (clean air, water, preservation of natural values), cultural heritage, sustainable transport, green areas, and the activities and actions of all generations of residents in working for their “little homeland”.

We are involved in community, ecological and artistic initiatives in Nowa Huta – a unique, post-industrial district of Krakow, where our office is located. We believe that Krakow’s Nowa Huta may be the important place in Poland that will show what the idea of ​​a green city is and inspire Poland, Europe and the world to create a space where our lives will be healthier and more valuable. Gardens on the roofs and backyards of housing estates; greenways, bicycle and walking paths; parks, heritage sites teeming with art and conversation throughout the four seasons; new protected areas, more benches and meeting places… Green Nowa Huta is our dream of a sustainable city in which the urbanized space and local community coexist harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment – parks, tree avenues, meadows, ponds and urban river valleys. In such a space all generations of residents are involved.

Let’s create green space and green cities – then our lives will be healthier, more beautiful, more valuable and beneficial for future generations.




  1. Activating all generations of residents to take action for their surroundings, preserving its beauty and uniqueness for future generations,
  2. Promoting sustainable transport, especially cycling and walking, and creating appropriate infrastructure in cities and rural areas,
  3. Protecting and establishing green areas, planting trees, preserving the landscape and biodiversity.


  1. Green Nowa Huta Program

2. Bicycle navigation – pilot project of the BikeMalopolska

3. European Tree of the Year – program implemented within the Envoronmental Partnership Association and coordinated in Poland by Klub Gaja.

4. Tree planting and tree education conducted by Klub Gaja as part of a grant from Partnership Fund / projects financed under Green Print, LLC / Clean Advantage TM

Watch a video about Green Nowa Huta:
Institutional development The Partnership Fund is co-financed by the National Freedom Institute – Center for the Development of Civil Society from the funds of the Civic Organizations Development Program for 2018-2030.