Share your Christmas gift with Ukraine

Winter in Ukraine is a difficult time for millions of inhabitants of cities, towns and villages. Imagine how difficult it is to live with limited access to electricity, hot water and heating. In addition, imagine people suffering from constant bombardment of civilian infrastructure, feeling anxious for the lives of their loved ones.

In consultation with our Ukrainian partners from civil society organizations, we are organizing an action to collect funds for the purchase of: power banks, good quality flashlights, thermoses and small cookers. We encourage you to share your Christmas gift with Ukraine. Let’s buy fewer presents and transfer the saved funds to help Ukrainian citizens. Your contribution will go into good hands and help Ukraininans survive this difficult winter time.


Bank account details for Ukraine:

Fundusz Partnerstw

os. Teatralne 5/13

31-945 Kraków


Santander Bank

PL 06 1090 2590 0000 0001 5025 2792


Transfer title: For Ukraine 


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